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    Part I Listening Comprehension(15 Points,15minutes)(Omitted)(略)

    Part II Vocabulary and Structure

    Directions: In this part there are 20 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

    16. Tom told me that he would have to ______ her invitation to the party.

    A. avoid B.refuse C. deny D. ignore

    17. Many new _____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.

    A. opportunities B. necessities C. realities D. probabilities

    18. The rain was heavy and _____ the land was flooded.

    A. consequently B.continuously C. constantly D. conversely

    19. Children who are over-protected by their parents may become _____

    A. hurt B. damaged C.spoiled D. harmed

    20.The police are _____ the road accident that occurred last night. .

    A.looking up B. looking on C.looking out D. looking into

    21. - I believe we've met somewhere before.

    - No, ________.

    A. it isn't the same B. it can't be true C. I don't think so  D. I'd rather not

    22. Summers in ________ south of France are for ________ most part dry and   sunny.

    A. 不填; a    B. the; 不填    C. 不填;不填    D. the; the

    23. When you turn on the TV set, clear pictures will _______ appear on the screen.

    A. rapidly B. hurriedly C. lately D . immediately

    24.I'm very sorry to have _______ you with so many questions on such an occasion.

    A.interfered B. offended C. impressed D. bothered

    25.The house was very quiet, _______ as it was on the side of a mountain.

    A.isolated B. isolating C.being isolated D.having been isolated

    26.Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still _______.

    A. blank B.hollow C.vacant D.bare

    27. Their room was on the third floor, its window ____________ the sports ground.

    A. overlooks B.overlooking C. overlooked D. to overlook

    28. On no account ____________ to anyone who works in the company.

    A.my name must be mentioned B. my name must mention

    C. must my name be mentioned D.must my name mention

    29. It was a wonderful play with a ____________ of over fifty actors and actresses.

    A. list B. group C. bunch D.herd

    30. At the meeting both sides exchanged their views on a wide ____________ of topics they were interested in.

    A. extent B. number C. collection D. range

    31. His ____________ has changed but he has kept the fine qualities of a scientific researcher.

    A. state B. status C. station D.statue

    32. - It's a good idea. But who's going to ________ the plan?

    - I think Tom and Greg will.

    A. set aside   B. carry out   C. take in    D.get through

    33. - I just heard that the tickets for tonight's show have been sold out.

    -Oh no!__________.

    A. I was looking forward to that  B. It doesn't matter

    C. I knew it already       D. It's not at all interesting

    34.I would be very _______if you could give me an early reply.

    A. Pleasant B. grateful C. satisfied D. helpful

    35. This is not a match. We’re_______ playing chess just for .

    A. habit B. hobby C. fun D. game

    Part III Reading Comprehension

    Directions: This part is to test your reading ability. There are 4 tasks for you to fulfill. You should read this materials carefully and do the tasks as you are instructed.

    Task 1

    The famous director of a big and expensive movie planned to film a beauful sunset over the ocean.so that the audiences could see his bero and hcroine in front of it at the end of the film as they said goodbye to each other for ever.He sent his camera crew(摄制组)out one eviningto film the sunset for him .

    The next morning he said to the men,“Have you provided me with that sunset?”

    “No .sir.”the men answered.

    The director was angry .“Why not?”he asked.

    “Well ,sir,”one of the men answered.“we’re on the east coast here ,and the sets in the west.We can get you a sunrise over the sea .if necessary.but not a sunset.”

    “But I want a sunset!”the director shouted.“Go to the airport .take the next flight to the west coast ,and get one.”

    But then a young secretary had an idea.“Why don’t you photograph a sunrise.”she suggested.“and then play it backwards? Then it’ll look like a sunset.”

    The camera crew went out early the next morning and filmed a bright sunrise ove the beach in the middle of a beautful bay(海湾)。Then at nine o’clock they took it to the director.“Here it is sir.”they said ,and gave it to him.He was very pleased.

    They all went into the studio(摄影棚).“All right.”the director explained.“now our hero and heroine are going to say good-bye.Run the film backwards so that we can see the ‘sunset bchind them.’”

    The “sunser ”began,but after a quarter of a minute,the director suddenly put his face in his hands and shouted to the camera crew to stop.

    The birds in the film were flying backwards.and the waves on the sea were going away from the beach.

    36.One evening.the director sent his camera crew out ________.

    A.to watch a beautiful sunset B.to find an actor and an sctress

    C.to film a scene on the sea D.to meet the audlence

    37.Why did the director want to send his crew to the west coast?

    A.Because he changed his mind about getting a sunset .

    B.Because he was angry with his crew.

    C.Because it was his secretary’s suggestion.

    D.Bccause he wanted to get a scene of sunset.

    38.Which of the foolowing is NOT true?

    A.The crew had to follow the secretary’s advice.

    B.If you want to see a sunrise.the cast coast is the place to go to .

    C.The camera crew wasn’t able to film the scene the first day.

    D.The director ordered his crew to stop filming the“sunset”.

    39.The director wanted to film a sunset over the occan because_______.

    A.it went well with the separation of the hero and the heroine

    B.when they arrived at the beach it was already in the evening

    C.it was more moving than a sunrise

    D.the ocean looked more beauiful at sunset

    40.After the “sunset ”began,the director suddenly put his face in his hands______.

    A.becayse ge was nived ti tears.

    B.as he saw everything in the film moving backwards.

    C.as the sunrise did not look as beautiful as he had imagined

    D.because he was disappointed with the performance of the hero and heroin

    Task 2